Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Abbott and Turnbull - In Brief

Kindly people who don't read Catallaxy Files occasionally ask me what my view is of recent happenings in Australian politics.

I have many views, most of them unprintable. But today Dr Faustus on Catallaxy Files summed my views up nicely, so I'll reproduce his/her comment here:

From late 2014 ‘Good Government’ became a clown circus – Abbott and Hockey both sank into political torpor and were casually kicked to death throughout 2015 by anyone who fancied a go.
This was not a case of ideological, dry, Thatcheresque heroes going down in flames. It was a couple of garden variety politicians fucking up on an industrial scale in the septic tank of Australian politics.
And, yes, Turnbull is a devious shit, with a pretty hopeless political CV, and likely to out-Rudd Rudd himself with his disruptive agility. Australia is certainly in a bad, bad place from a policy perspective; but not improved by airbrushing Tony Abbott. 
This has been a public information announcement. Thank you for listening.

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