Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Abbott and Turnbull - In Brief

Kindly people who don't read Catallaxy Files occasionally ask me what my view is of recent happenings in Australian politics.

I have many views, most of them unprintable. But today Dr Faustus on Catallaxy Files summed my views up nicely, so I'll reproduce his/her comment here:

From late 2014 ‘Good Government’ became a clown circus – Abbott and Hockey both sank into political torpor and were casually kicked to death throughout 2015 by anyone who fancied a go.
This was not a case of ideological, dry, Thatcheresque heroes going down in flames. It was a couple of garden variety politicians fucking up on an industrial scale in the septic tank of Australian politics.
And, yes, Turnbull is a devious shit, with a pretty hopeless political CV, and likely to out-Rudd Rudd himself with his disruptive agility. Australia is certainly in a bad, bad place from a policy perspective; but not improved by airbrushing Tony Abbott. 
This has been a public information announcement. Thank you for listening.

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Gallipoli Dead from Western Australia

And now, a word from our sponsor - or rather, a plug for this year's Frederick Bell VC Memorial Lecture, for the RSL WA Branch Inc and the Cottesloe Sub Branch.
Friday 13 November at 6pm at the Cottesloe Civic Centre.
Speaker: Shannon Lovelady
‘Gallipoli Dead from Western Australia: Naming the Lost’
“I will be speaking about all aspects of the Gallipoli Dead From Western Australia project, in which many of you have been involved as contributors and researchers. I will also be speaking about some of the men researched along the way, and some I wrote about afterwards, in my Gallipoli Remembered column for Post Newspapers.”
Shannon – a lively and vibrant speaker, who I have met and worked with on various things to do with local records – says, “In the spirit of Lest We Forget, this is a wonderful way to end the Anzac Centenary. I hope you can make it and look forward to seeing you there.”
No charge; admission by gold coin donation. 6pm start for light refreshments; talk starts at 6.30pm. 
(I gave last year’s lecture on Martin O’Meara VC.)