Monday, 7 September 2015

We Are Amused

If I were cast in a forthcoming production of The Gondoliers as the Duke of Plaza Toro, I would be able to exclaim, "At last, we have arrived at our destination! This is the Ducal Palace." However, our hotel is less Ducal Palace and more Stateroom Scene, with v amusing consequences so far.

It was a beautiful autumn afternoon yesterday, and we had a voucher for free drinks at the Sussex Arms, so we ... went to the Sussex Arms and had free drinks, and then repaired to a local hostelry where we surveyed their bill of fare. We were aiming for something authentically English, and something which would show due honour to HM the Q upon her achieving the longest reign in England's history. With this in mind, there was only one real choice. So Jus had a Whopper and Mike had something with a lot of meat in it, and carefully inquired of the natives as to whether they could provide a vanilla milkshake to go with that.

I am thrilled to report that my dinner consisted of a glass of wine, a large bag of excellent English Burger King fries, and a cigarette. I think this bodes well for the rest of the trip.

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