Saturday, 16 May 2015

Yackity Yak (Don't Talk Back)

I am alive and also reasonably well; I've just been very busy. Meanwhile, forthcoming speaking and other engagements:

1) I'll be coming to the planned homeschoolers weekend retreat in July in Toodyay, just briefly, to give a talk (I think on the Saturday?).

2) Then I will give a presentation on the history of Claremont Hospital as part of the Glyde In Community Learning Centre's program. I've visited the Centre before; it's very beautiful and located in an enviously charming street in East Fremantle. They also run adult learning sessions on everything. (I've yet to see a session on nuclear physics, but I'm sure it's being planned).

3) At the end of August I will be attending the Dawson Centre Colloquium 2015 in Tasmania, and giving a presentation on 'Traction or Friction?' I am not going to say any more, because the rest of it is a surprise.

4) And then it's time for a well-earned holiday, so I thought we would exhaust ourselves by going to the UK for three weeks! The three of us have a very busy schedule planned, because this is Mike's first trip to Foreign Parts, so we will not be Visiting Friends (this time, at least - unless you're keen to stand near the M1 and wave as we drive past). No military museum will be safe.

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