Saturday, 22 November 2014

Julie Burchill on Islam

'Julie Burchill' and 'Islam'. Now there are two concepts you don't often see put into the one sentence ...

But I believe she's really nailed it in this Spectator article. I - and Tim Blair as well, thank goodness, so I know it's not just me - continue to wonder why Australian feminists are silent about the authentic misogyny that is gaining ground all around them, while relentlessly pursuing matters of complete and utter irrelevance to everyone else but them.

Meanwhile, Brendan O'Neill has noticed that students aren't perhaps quite as radical as they used to be. Oh man. Reading this article took me back (flashback-style) to Helen Garner's book The First Stone and the fallout over the so-called Ormond College Affair in Melbourne.

This has been going on for decades now; we must be into our second generation of self-righteous students, surely?