Monday, 9 June 2014


How can I not be a tiny bit sad at the passing of Rik Mayall at only 56, after a quad-bike accident left him with a seizure disorder?

Mayall made a wonderful and long-lasting contribution to my upbringing. Via the TV series The Young Ones, which I first watched during its very first run on ABC TV, late at night, while I was still in high school (I had read about it in the NME, which my brother bought faithfully), he brought me 'Rik', the loathsome, badge-studded, middle-class Trotskyite perpetual student.

On many occasions since - and notably during our recent public outbreak of sooky university student-ism - I have had recourse to Rik as a shorthand summary of everything that's wrong with the young Left in Australia.

I wonder how he and the hated 'Thatcher' will get on together in the afterlife ... May he rest in peace.

And now - some classic Rik moments, just so you can see what I'm talking about.

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