Sunday, 15 June 2014

I May As Well Admit It

OK. I am now willing to go public. Inspired by Lisa Curry-Kenny's brave admission, I too can admit that I suffer from Rushing Woman Syndrome. I just rush, rush, rush all day, and it makes me a bit of a cow sometimes.

The trouble is that I also suffer from a rare female form of Horizontal Couch-Related Imbibing Syndrome, recently identified by David Penberthy.

Tragically, this syndrome has caused me in the past to be unable to move from the couch, but because I am female, I have found that there is usually a packet of biscuits, a nice cup of tea and a good book, all within arm's reach. I have been spared most of the vocalisations described by Penberthy, unless the book happens to be by E F Benson, in which case I tend to laugh out loud for no apparent reason.

But the important thing to realise is that this is a medical condition, and so I am in no way to blame for any of this. It's genetic, and I am certain there are some nice drugs I can take that will make it go away, or at least make me a nicer person without having to make any effort to improve myself or overcome my laziness and tendency to nag.

I might even write a book about my battle with it, and make a few quid.

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