Saturday, 10 May 2014

Home Again, Home Again

Ahhhh, it's good to be home again. But it was worth it. I had a splendid time at the Liberty and Western Civilisation Symposium in Melbourne.


* Roger Scruton's eloquent and almost hour-long discourse, with minimal notes, on Everything Pertaining to The Topic;

* Claudio Veliz's equally eloquent and almost as long 'three minutes', ditto;

* Asking Michael Kroger to get out of the way because he was between me and a nice hot cup of tea;

* Catching up with various chums like Paul Collits, Dr Mark McAndrew (also from Perth), Elizabeth Bogoni from the Dawson Society in Perth, David Daintree from the Dawson Centre in Tasmania, Greg Melleuish (top marks for his pithy presentation), and the inimitable John Roskam;

* Putting faces to names: David van Gend, Ian Callinan, Nick Cater, Kevin Donnelly; Tony Thomas; and finally Roger Franklin (who was kind enough to drive me to the airport today);

* Meeting the much-maligned and misunderstood Bolta, who stepped in for John Howard at the Roger Scruton session;

* the Socialist Alliance demo (!!) that appeared shortly before afternoon tea, but it was out in the lobby, and it was twelve or so spotty students chanting about university fees. There were around 400 of us, so we had to stay indoors until they'd moved the demo to a safe location, for fear of them being crushed under a stampede of angry libertarians exercising the Fisk Doctrine.

John Roskam went outside and pointed out to them the irony of them trying to shout down a symposium discussing the loss of freedom of speech in Australia. This was rather above their heads, so he asked if he could have some selfies with them instead - which annoyed them enough to make them go away.

But anyway ... Here is one happy snap, at least:

Paul Collitts (left) is not quite quick enough to escape, but hardcore Roger Scruton fan Elizabeth Bogoni (right) is having fun. The drinks afterwards were rather good, even though I didn't have my gold frilly frock to hand. PS Got a super haircut on Thursday at swanky salon Rokk Ebony in Collins Place - and it cost me less than Maurice Meade. I can see why people move to Melbourne.

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