Saturday, 1 February 2014

What Is The Sound of One Penny Dropping?

You might like to ask the New York Post, where disgruntled journalist Kyle Smith realises that the young and happenin' folks who read Rolling Stone have been duped. Why, this new-fangled Pope Francis person is peddling the same autocratic crap as the last one!

Given that the average Rolling Stone reader is a single white underemployed urban male, I'm not sure how pressing this news is to them. But it's clearly pressing to Kyle, who pretty accurately captures the Rolling Stone demographic himself.

It’s hard for liberals (and maybe some conservatives) to wrap their heads around this, but Catholic doctrine doesn’t line up neatly with American views of left and right. The church is steadfastly pro-life on abortion (we associate that with conservatives) but equally pro-life on capital punishment (a view we call liberal). Nor has the Vatican altered its commitment to uplifting the poor or its related suspicion of capitalism.

You don't say?

More at the NYP site.

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