Thursday, 30 January 2014

Our Cate

It's very rewarding and gratifying to note that Cate continues to carry the flag for non-sexism at another awards ceremony this week, the ACTAA Awards - wearing this very modest and sedate number (see below also).

No chance of any sexist pig photographers lingering inappropriately upon Cate in this frock, after all.

Our Cate recently thrilled the contributors of Daily Life when she criticised a photographer for lingering too long over her frock and face.

Was this down at the supermarket, when she had her curlers in? Or perhaps when she was getting the paper off the front lawn in her nightie?

No, I do believe this was on the red carpet - the customary photo op for Stars Like Cate - while she was wearing a floor-length Givenchy gown.

Candice Chung over at Daily Life went into raptures:

In the words of Barney Stinson, THE HIGHEST OF FIVE to you, Miss Blanchett!
While we're there, let's revisit Elizabeth Moss's reaction to E!'s "Mani Cam" at the Golden Globe Awards Earlier.
Here's to the badass ladies of Hollywood!

I have no idea who Candice Chung is, except that she seems to have gone to the Walter 'Dateline: The Copa' Monheit™ (the Movie Publicist's Friend) school of movie industry journalism.

And as for Ms Blanchett, well - slightly more than her inconsistency is showing ...

Your ABC

From Quadrant Online this happy morning:

It's surely time to consider some fresh ABC series like The Hamster Decides. This could become an exciting new iview program which can also be watched on older content platforms such as the Marconi wireless, home-made crystal set and ABC1 television.

In The Hamster Decides, those whacky pranksters, the Chaser ‘boys’, are locked in a room with three baseball bats, a bag of cement and a hockey stick. They battle it out to find out which one of them gets his contract renewed. This edgy, ironic new series is bound to be a big hit with younger viewers.

Monday, 13 January 2014

World Double Vision

Tim Blair is once again to be congratulated on stirring the pot, this time on World Vision and child sponsorship.

His original article is here, where he asks why the young man he's been sponsoring for years - and who is now 17 years old - is still producing drawings like this to send to him:

I would strongly recommend that you also read the comments section attached to this piece - other people who have sponsored children via World Vision have had similar experiences.
World Vision Australia CEO Tim Costello then responded, and Blair noted this. Once more, read the comments section. 

Friday, 3 January 2014

What Would Hitler Do?

You wouldn't catch ol' Adolf surrounded by sea ice in Antarctica. Or would you?

Hitler Gets Trapped in Sea Ice

And if you want to know how they got stuck there in the first place, see Watts Up With That - lingering tourists doing sightseeing on the pack ice delayed the departure of the ship. (Greens Senator elect Janet Rice told us all about it inadvertently in her online blog ...)