Friday, 8 November 2013

The Dawson Society - A Good Thing

As you all know, I never go anywhere, so it was very surprising that I managed to sneak out of the house and have a great time last Wednesday night.

I went to the last Dawson Society event for 2013 and heard Senator-elect for WA Joe Bullock speaking on the subject of faith and politics. He was marvellous; such a good speaker on his feet, and handled the questions with aplomb (taking no prisoners).

The Dawson Society is the brainchild of local lads Thomas Gourlay and Daniel Matthys, aided and abetted by other good people who you will find on their website. Here is their raison d'etre:

The Christopher Dawson Society for Philosophy and Culture is an informal, not-for-profit association founded to encourage lay Christian engagement with contemporary philosophical and cultural issues. The Society takes its name from Christopher Dawson, the great English historian of the 20th century who throughout his work saw the world of spiritual belief “as the dynamic element in history and as a real world-transforming power.” It is the hope of the founders that in some small way the Dawson Society may uphold and continue the work of its namesake.

This translates in real life to the back room at Rosie O'Grady's in Northbridge, with very a respectable $25 pub grub sit-down dinner, a cash bar, a stage with a mike, and what must have been over 100 very cheerful and chatty people.

It was a hoot. Next time, you should come too. If you want to subscribe to their newsletter and find out when they're next meeting, email them at

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