Saturday, 9 November 2013

Requiescat in pace

I hope she inherits everything, and can now have a financially secure and good life.

Note to all Australian priests: please stay out of karaoke bars in South East Asia, unless you are there on an actual mission from God.

(last day of the Octave of All Souls today, by the way)

Here is an extract from erstwhile Fr Lee's blog - the last post was, oddly enough, on death:
I was always unafraid of death prior to meeting Josefina. Now I am afraid of what impact my death would have on her. Now that we are expecting a baby, my desire to stay alive increases (although I do believe that if I died right now they would be better off financially).
I think it is people in our lives that give us less confidence in the future which is why I think priests and celibate people with no dependents and no real attachment to people are so able to espouse the hope of eternal life so realistically at a funeral.
Kevin, you were - as always - only half-right.

Priests and celibate people with no dependents are not people with 'no real attachment to people'.

Priests and celibate people love dearly and closely, even without spouses and dependents.
And it's precisely because they love dearly and closely, that they can make that sacrifice to ensure that a whole lot of people can be touched by God's love, who may never have any other chance at knowing it.
If you had understood that, you'd still be a priest. And alive.
May you rest in peace.

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