Monday, 8 July 2013

Two Down, Lots To Go

I am very proud to be a patron of the national association Abortion Grief Australia, which does so much to help women struggling with (often decades-long) unhappiness, anger and regret.

It's an association I would like to see go out of business for all the right reasons, namely lack of demand. Sadly, this seems very far in the future.

So I was delighted to receive this wonderful message earlier this week:

"After eleven years of providing abortions, the Women's Clinic in Jones St Balcatta permanently closed on Monday 1st July 2013.

This is no accident, but a surely the result of the prayers, sacrifices, witness and faithfulness of so many Christians: those who have taken part in the three 40 Days for Life campaigns in Perth; those who have attended the Helper's weekly prayer vigils including those outside the Balcatta clinic for the past 10 1/2 years and those who have never ceased to pray and believe that there will be an end to abortion.

We praise and thank God for His great Mercy. There will be a final vigil at Balcatta on Friday morning in thanksgiving for the closure of this house of death, in remembrance of all the babies who have died there, to pray for women and men who have been wounded by abortion and for Dr Judith Nash and staff."

The final prayer vigil was on Friday. This follows the news that in the UK, the abortion mill in Bedford Square has just closed, again after years of peaceful protests which offered alternatives to women in crisis.

We all know that often the plan is to amalgamate these facilities or put them back into large hospitals, but thankfully we can keep offering alternatives, no matter where these facilities are.

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