Saturday, 27 July 2013

Frock On

Naturally my eye was caught by this article:

WA Academic Creates the Perfect Little Black Dress

Well, whose wouldn't be. I read with interest how Danijela Kambaskovic - UWA Adjunct Professor, feminism and ancient history scholar, and associate investigator at my favourite research centre of all time, the ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions 1100-1800 - has developed a rather snazzy on-line business designing and selling a range of little black dresses.

Most of those involved are UWA humanities scholars. I don’t know whether to applaud their entrepreneurial skills, or wonder why they’re receiving taxpayers’ money to study the Renaissance, etc, at the same time as they develop this rather interesting-looking business.

Quite possibly I will do both.

Sadly, for me the dresses are neither here nor there; some are lovely, but I also think that perhaps the boots were a mistake. (And at 5 feet nothing, I'd be dragging most of these on the ground like a train behind me.)

But still, it's interesting, and I'm sure she'll do well out of it.

PS I’m still waiting for the study showing that funding research into the history of medieval emotions is lowering the WA suicide rate.

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