Saturday, 6 July 2013

Let's Try That Again, Shall We

Alannah McTiernan has run into a spot of bother. The former WA pollie has announced that she'll be contesting the federal seat of Perth in the next election(whenever it is). Thing is, a criminal charge is about to be laid against her husband.

No biggie. Until you put it through my patented Media Bias Translator. ™

"Newly anointed Liberal candidate for the federal seat of Perth, Josephine Bloggs, has moved to head off potential controversy, warning a criminal charge is likely to be laid against her husband.

Ms Bloggs said her husband, lawyer Tim McTernan, probably faced a charge in the next month regarding the administration of a trust fund.

He had brought his mistake to the attention of the Legal Practice Board, she said.

The matter had been referred to police and they had said they would likely lay a charge.

"This could have become an issue for him and we need to get that out at the beginning," Ms Bloggs told reporters.

"I have been thinking very deeply of whether it was fair to subject him to that level of public attention.

"He assured me that he shares my political views and philosophies. He wanted me to go forward."

In 2005 Ms Bloggs was accused of a conflict of interest after it emerged her husband held a small amount of shares in gas utility Alinta when cabinet made a decision in principle to support a stamp duty concession on the sale of the Epic Energy pipeline to a consortium including Alinta.

She told parliament she did not declare the shareholding because she was not aware her husband held the stock and promised to declare such interests in future."

Reads rather differently, doesn't it. I can see the ABC heading for the phones right now.

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