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Quadrant QED Posts, 2013

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The facts of life
July 15, 2013
The child is the father of the man, but it's still handy to know a little about his grandfather's DNA. Single mums by choice, please take note

Why Quigley pulled his own plug
July 12, 2013
It may be that the NBN chief jumped before he was pushed, but his motive is of academic interest in comparison with the goild-plated mega-mess he has left behind.

Consistent to the final drop
June 26, 2013
Julia Gillard has left the stage as she governed, which is to say in a billow of delusion, victimhood and, to put it bluntly, more of the same old lies

Fresh from the zoo, Obama's latest ambassador
June 24, 2013
Diplomats come and diplomats go, but seldom has Australia seen a US envoy boasting the credentials of John Berry

Aside from cold pies, what's on Shorten's mind?
June 23, 2013
Loyal backer of our beleagured Prime Minister? Numbers man with a shifty eye for the main chance? With apologies to the late Danny Kaye, the next few days should establish if he is prepared to grab the goblet or let this cup pass him by. Then again, maybe not

Roxon: Gone, unmourned and best forgotten
June 18, 2013If you really need another example of what is wrong with today's Labor, look no further the departing figure of Nicola Roxon.

Girls and women, heed the Gillard example
June 14, 2013
She owes her place to quotas and those union boys who opened the door to the Lodge and have not yet decided to evict her. There's a lesson there, but not one our gender-persecuted PM is ever likely to preach

The Rudd we've never known
June 13, 2013
A leading pundit sees in the ousted Labor leader the seeds of greatness. He must have confused him with another fair-haired and slightly less annoying Queenslander

May 17, 2013
Round up the usual suspect cliches and hoary myths -- the dubious documentarian will tap them all as he turns his camera's selective focus on pallid Australia's oppression of Aborigines
May 15, 2013
Our Prime Minister had need of Kleenex when introducing the NDIS to Parliament. So what is she has to cry about? 

May 6, 2013
That notion of parallel universes, so beloved of science fiction writers, is no longer a mere theory. If we are to judge by Julia Gillard's assertion that her party will carry the day on September 14, the one she inhabits must be a wonderful place indeed 

May 1, 2013
A multiple-personalities diagnosis has not stopped a Melbourne embezzler being sent away for a stretch of hard time. Many voters will wish to see the same legal principle observed in September 

April 27, 2013
With the cost of so-called 'morning after' pill poised to be underwritten and all the usual suspects cheering, recall all those assurances that sex ed would greatly reduce unwanted pregnancy. It didn't and this won't  

April 11, 2013
Four happy scholarships winners are off to Oxford and Cambridge in the name of fostering Indigenous achievement. The thing is, though, the recipients already boast lustrous CVs. What about a little help for Aborigines who have not yet got afoot on the ladder? 

April 2, 2013
If ABC movie critic Margaret Pomerantz did not know Franklin Delano Roosevelt had feet of clay when it came to marital fidelity, it can only be because she chose not wonder what was beneath those trousers pooled at his ankles  

March 11, 2013
Antony Green's legs were new, the sausage-sizzle spear-carriers weren't, and the spectacle of a born-to-the-purple Baby Beazely coming a cropper was quite simply delicious 

February 12, 2013
Until white smoke rises over the Vatican, predicting who will lead the Catholic Church is going to be a game to keep many "informed" sources very busy
February 8, 2013
If profits are common property, as our Treasurer seems to believe, let's all claim a share of with the wealth he has created. Please, stop laughing....
February 2, 2013
Labor's ship is foundering and some of the nastiest creatures Australian political life has seen in living memory are bolting for their comfy, pension-padded holes behind the skirting board. Hallelujah!
January 25, 2013
The campaign to regulate speech and save the preciously sensitive from offence has added the name of Basil fawlty to its long and growing list of unlikely martyrs. What's next, neutering Mrs Slocombe's animal companion?  

January 22, 2013
A perfectly presentable Labor senator from the Northern Territory has been bumped by prime ministerial edict, to be replaced by an Indigenous woman who is not even a member of the ALP. Tokenism, anyone?  

January 14, 2013
Journalism is history's first draft, but sometimes a re-write gets much closer to the truth.
The usual suspects (Doomed Planet)
January 9, 2013
It is only a draft copy of the IPCC's next report and a leaked one at that, but the names of the Australasian section's authors are unlikely to be revised. That's the thing about making a career in warmism -- it's good, solid, dependable work.   

January 7, 2013

Does a green-dipped sense of moral superiority give an anti-coal activist the right to mount a hoax that throws the stock market into turmoil? That's a question it may well fall to the courts to decide.
January 3, 2013
If Jenny Macklin ever shacks up with Adam Bandt,  they will find the welfare system offers adjustments and rewards for cohabitation. There is even a little calculator to work it all out.

  January 1, 2013

Funny thing about people whose wealth attracts the attention of those determined to redistribute it: the well-heeled can afford the sharpest accountants


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