Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Nowhere to Run To, Baby

Nowhere to hide ...

And they're off and racing in the 14 September Carnival.


Rob Oakeshott won't contest his seat of Lyne, even though he is happy to tell the world what a fine job he's been doing. And of course he's not standing down because he's going to get thrashed, and quite possibly tarred and feathered.

No, it's because 'The demands on an Independent MP in a regional seat are very high. It is for this reason that I cannot bring myself to commit to the coming three years.

It is out of respect for my community, for the role of Members of Parliament, and the commitment and time required to do the job, that I make today’s announcement.'

So really, he's doing it because he's a fine person, inside and out. Of course he is. And he proudly reminds us of his role in the debacle of the last three years:

'Three years ago, a supply and confidence agreement was reached to allow the commissioning of a Prime Minister and for a Parliament to start.

I am pleased we have reached the full three years, supply has been delivered, and confidence in the Parliament has also been delivered. The fact that we are now at the second last sitting day of a full three-year term is proof of this.'

Uh huh. And the other proof of Oakeshott's fine work would be the massive budget black hole, a divided country, a snarling caucus, a cowardly attempt by the Attorney General to gag free speech, the introduction of taxes that didn't raise revenue, uncosted national financial schemes that promise much and deliver nothing, and a tissue of lies spun by the Prime Minister's Office on a daily basis.
Good one, Rob. We, the voters of Australia, award you a standing ovation. Or rather, we would, if you were actually going to contest your seat. Which you aren't. Even though you've been doing such a fine job there, by your own account.

Meanwhile, Australia's other contender for the coveted role of Least Popular Independent, Tony Windsor, will also not be contesting his seat. Instead, he pleads health issues and a desire to spend more time with his family. In fact, Windsor says he wants to take his 21 year old son to Africa.

Once again, the voters of Australia salute you, Tony. In the absence of being able to chuck you out of your seat personally, I would be glad to endorse a 0.005% addition to the Medicare levy to allow us to buy you a one-way ticket there.

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