Monday, 3 June 2013

Insulting Islam - the Grown-Ups Way

Philippa Martyr <> 9:33 AM (3 hours ago) to

Dear Mr Hunter -

Your company calls itself Grown Ups, and yet your 'controversial' approach is as old as the hills and as boring as the ten thousandth rerun of Monty Python.

Just take your recent extremely unsuccessful AussiMite campaign - the one that's led to a nationwide boycott of the product you were meant to sell.

Now, a REALLY controversial, cage-rattling approach would be an ad like this:

A scared-looking dark-skinned man with a keffiyeh around his neck carefully straps a jar of AussiMite to his leg. He then cries out 'Allahu akbar!' and detonates it in a crowded train station in Sydney.

The punchline? 'It's explosive!'

You only get angry emails from Catholics. You'll get a lot more from angry Muslims. But perhaps you're not quite grown-up enough for an ad campaign like that just yet.

Sincerely -

Dr Philippa Martyr.

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