Sunday, 9 June 2013

Christopher Pearson - RIP

Australian journalist Christopher Pearson was a very brave man, and a man of real integrity. He accepted that acting out as a homosexual person was incompatible with his decision to embrace God and the fullness of the Catholic faith, and so he gave up acting out.

And he spoke and wrote about it publicly, and that was the bravest thing of all – to open himself up to so many attacks on that front.

Oh, how easy it all would have been for him to just pony along with the ‘new Church’ line – to be a token Catholic gay, to be feted by Eureka Street and the Tablet, and to spend his time running down the very Church he claimed to support.

Instead, Christopher Pearson faced the truth about himself and about God, and chose God over himself and his own desires. And because he did so in this life, I think it’s fair to expect that he won’t have quite so many problems doing so now in person.

May he rest in peace.

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