Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Blue Tie Mining

"I invite you to imagine it. A prime minister - accompanied by a man in a blue tie who goes on holidays overseas a lot, and may well now be living in a caravan -

- and who may by now have been replaced by a man in a blue tie -

- a treasurer, who delivers a budget wearing a blue tie -

and a crooked Speaker of the House of Representatives with a major problem with lady parts – another man in a blue tie -

 and a dodgy former union boss in a blue tie, with a big credit card problem and a lot of explaining to do to his wife -

- and a man in a blue tie who sang a home-made cover of a Skyhooks song on national television - 

- and a man who sang other home-made songs, almost as badly, but has decided that the retirement benefits of government service are a lot more reliable, especially now that iTunes has buggered up everyone's royalty payments - in a blue tie -"

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