Monday, 8 April 2013

The Best of Maggie

Thanks to nilk on for finding this, and for adding:

"I don’t know if it’s been posted already, but love her or loathe her, she owns that House. Look at the gender imbalance, you listen to the jeering from the Opposition, and the cheering from her supporters.
That’s a woman in total command of the situation. She was most definitely the Iron Lady – clad in her own resolution and wrapped in her principles.
How tragic that what we have masquerading as a leader here we have a woman so fragile that she must armour herself in the false construct of feminism and gender wars."

Meanwhile poor old Penny Wong (@SenatorWong) has tried her best to link Gillard with Thatcher's more memorable characteristics: "Margaret Thatcher. Regardless of political difference, a woman who made history. Her determination and toughness were legendary."

How unlike the home life of our own dear queen.

You might like to enjoy the Spectator's list of Thatcher quotes as well.

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