Thursday, 25 April 2013

RU486 and 'Choices'

UPDATE: Now online at QED ...

The PBS is very close now to subsidising RU486, the at-home do-it-yourself abortion pill.

We're told that it will be less invasive and safer than surgical abortion (which incidentally around 8%of RU486 users will need afterwards to clean up the mess from their failed 'medical' abortion).

And of course, this way pregnant women can finally 'make their own decisions', which is so different from the last few millenia of human history, when they - er - made their own decisions about abortion (hang on - that can't be right).

What this means in real terms is that a newly-pregnant woman who is freaking out and feels totally unsupported can make a snap decision - with no counselling and no consideration of any alternatives - to terminate her pregnancy. These are the worst possible conditions under which to make any serious decision, let alone this one.

One pregnant woman in Australia has already died from using RU486. Seven have died in the US. The drug's own FDA-approved 2006 information leaflet even lets you know that almost all women who use it will report adverse reactions.

Want to hear from some women who've used it?

Satisfied Customer #1:  "I was issued RU-486 in effort of obtaining an abortion…I had unbelievable abdominal pains, I can’t even put it in words…The only thing I could do was to lie on the floor and pull my hair to deal with the pain…"

Satisfied Customer #2: "I vomited over 50 times and I became weak, dehydrated and frightened. I could hardly walk or talk as I had no energy and my throat was raw from vomiting."

Satisfied Customer #3: "I went back and looked and there was a big red clot with a little tiny white thing. I looked closely and realised it was my baby."

I know there are also women on the net who see this as the closest thing to a sacrament for them. I would suggest that it takes huge quantities of liberal education for a woman to achieve that point of self-delusion.

Monday, 8 April 2013

The Best of Maggie

Thanks to nilk on for finding this, and for adding:

"I don’t know if it’s been posted already, but love her or loathe her, she owns that House. Look at the gender imbalance, you listen to the jeering from the Opposition, and the cheering from her supporters.
That’s a woman in total command of the situation. She was most definitely the Iron Lady – clad in her own resolution and wrapped in her principles.
How tragic that what we have masquerading as a leader here we have a woman so fragile that she must armour herself in the false construct of feminism and gender wars."

Meanwhile poor old Penny Wong (@SenatorWong) has tried her best to link Gillard with Thatcher's more memorable characteristics: "Margaret Thatcher. Regardless of political difference, a woman who made history. Her determination and toughness were legendary."

How unlike the home life of our own dear queen.

You might like to enjoy the Spectator's list of Thatcher quotes as well.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Of Deficit-Spending Presidents and their Ways

Over at QED I have hopped back into film reviewer mode, and a very refreshing change it is, too.

David Murray on the Continuing Crisis

Happy Easter!

Go and watch David Murray deliver the best and briefest summaries I've heard of our current economic mess, courtesy of a href="">The Bolt Report (31 March 2013).

Enjoy (or not, as the case may be ...)