Sunday, 27 January 2013

Nova Peris Asks for 3-Quarter-Million Dollar 'Chance'

Nova Peris - and the process by which she has been put forward for Senate pre-selection - has been increasingly criticised.

She has defended herself in the following words:

''I've been chosen not on my athletic ability but as a woman who's been able to get the job done."

''I'm passionate about my people; I'm passionate about being an Australian and a Territorian. Don't judge me now; give me a chance and let's look at where we are in about four, five years' time.''

Two questions from the peanut gallery:

1) What job, exactly, has Peris been getting done?

2) Why give her a chance that will cost the taxpayer, in parliamentary base salary alone, around $762,200 after four years?

Does Nova Peris really think she is the Three-Quarters-of-a-Million-Dollar Woman?

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