Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Hitch Your Wagon, Come Along

The IPCC's WGII AR5 documentation has been leaked. Here's the full list of contributors to the Australasia section.

Clearly the IPCC has been stung by Donna Laframboise's proven allegations that most of the early IPCC contributors weren't even published, let alone academics. This time, the IPCC has been sure to sow its contributing list with plenty of bona fide published scholars.

Trouble is, they're all the usual suspects, and the Australasia list is a case in point. What's particularly striking about the entire list is the degree to which every single person on it depends on climate change catastrophe for their living.

If their thesis - anthropogenic climate change at its most drastic and terrifying - was disproven publicly tomorrow, and also discredited by the world's media, almost every single one of them would have to start looking for a new job.

More at Doomed Planet - Quadrant Online.

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