Tuesday, 29 January 2013

ARE You Being Served?

I realised I hadn't linked to this in QED, so I thought this might help kick off what promises to be the longest, dreariest election campaign in Australian history.

Comment of the Day goes to Boy on a Bike, who noted at catallaxyfiles.com that 'It gets bumfinger off the front page. That’s all it’s good for.'

And in more good news, here in the Golden West we are going to the State polls on 9 March, and Mark McWhatsisname is cracking a real sweat over whether Julia Gillard, a.k.a Typhoid Mary, will be visiting the State before the election, or after it.

Speaking of Mark McThing always reminds me of a certain incident. A couple of years ago I took part in HBF's Run for a Reason, in the Old Ladies and Steamrollers category. I saw a middle-aged man across the crowd of participants who looked me straight in the eye. His face looked familiar, but I couldn't place him. Having had a reasonably interesting life, I assumed he was someone I'd either been paired up with or gone out with or had some other experience with, and had since forgotten. He maintained eye contact, so I made my way over and said politely, 'I'm so sorry, but your face is familiar - do I know you?'

He replied, equally politely, 'I'm the leader of the State Opposition.'

It was in fact Eric Ripper.

And this is why the leader of the State Opposition is now Mark McAlien, who looks like Simon Pegg and is Not Even A Proper West Australian, having been born and educated somewhere else.

Anyway, after a Federal election campaign approaching the length of human gestation, Yom Kippur will have never seemed so welcome. Incidentally 14 September is also the ancient Catholic feast of the Triumph of the Cross.

I'm hoping the election outcome will be the Triumph of the Really Cross.

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