Thursday, 13 December 2012

Quadrant Funding Cut - Again

The Literature Board of the Australia Council has halved quality conservative magazine Quadrant's funding for 2013, from $40,000 in 2012 down to $20,000. This adds to earlier cuts under the Rudd government which reduced Quadrant's funding from $50,000.

Let's compare this with Meanjin, an obediently left-wing publication, which receives nearly three times that of Quadrant's current funding, while producing only four issues a year, and selling less than 1,000 copies per edition. An Australian subscription costs $80 per year.

Quadrant, on the other hand, is produced ten times a year with two double issues, and sells around 5,500 copies per issue. An Australian subscription costs $79 per year.

I would happily write for them for free, and I would also happily see Quadrant become fully independent of the Australia Council, but that takes generous donors.

***Donations to the Quadrant Foundation are tax-deductible.***

Cheques/money orders to: Quadrant Foundation, Locked Bag 1235, North Melbourne, Vic 3051

Direct debit to: Quadrant Foundation, BSB 012 227, 2031 35458

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