Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Political Employees, Take Note

Thanks to the decision in the Federal Court today by Justice Steve Rares, an interesting legal precedent now exists. Sexual harrassment - and if you're not sure what that is, have a look at the Australian Human Rights Commission website - is now permitted in Commonwealth workplaces associated with major political parties. If you're harrassed, you can complain, but your employer can now successfully use 'political motivation' as a defence against your complaint, even when the employer's employer has already paid you off.

Someone needs to alert WA Liberal MLA Troy Buswell about this, pronto. Buswell has been a source of constant media interest here for his frank and open way of *expressing bonhomie towards people of both sexes.* If you want to know more, just visit his Wikipedia entry, although it's also worth remembering that Buswell's interest in political bras seems to have been shared by Alan Carpenter, then Labor Premier of WA.

More at Quadrant Online.

*I have recently been congratulated on this nice turn of phrase. However, it's simply here so that I can avoid the depressing recital of bra-strap-snapping, chair-sniffing, squirrel-gripping, dry-humping, and other Buswell-related gerunds. O tempora o mores.

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