Monday, 26 November 2012

Meat-Free Monday and Other Traumas

Apparently a group of busybodies nutritionists and whinging nuisances social activists have declared that Mondays should be 'Meat-Free Mondays'. This will calm the oceans, reduce carbon emissions and avert a zombie apocalypse. What it will do to the already-suffering Australian meat industry is anyone's guess, but now would be a good time to start saving up for imported steak.

Happily I spent last night eating a lot of roasted sheep. This meat-free initiative, incidentally, promises that eating less meat will genuinely reduce our environmental impact. I dare him to sit near a certain friend of mine several hours after he's eaten falafel and tell me that without a gas mask.

To clarify an unrelated matter: - yes, that's 'wither' and not 'whither', on account of it being a pune, or play on words, on the part of QED's editor.

And this turned up on the Bourque Report in Canada, which was a nice surprise:

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