Thursday, 29 November 2012

A Godwin Grech Moment? Hardly

The difference between Julia Gillard's up-to-the-neck-and-higher involvement in AWU dodgy doings and Malcolm Turnbull's gullibility is this:

*Godwin Grech, then a Treasury official, faked one email. Malcolm Turnbull believed him.

Against this, we can pile a mountain of written evidence of wrongdoing from multiple sources:

*including two other people critical to the whole process - Bruce Wilson and Ralph Blewitt;
*including Julia Gillard's own testimony, out of her own mouth, to her employers Slater & Gordon, who were investigating her because they were concerned about her dodginess;
*including her famous Press Conference when she Proved Her Innocence by not answering any questions, but by using the words 'slush fund'. These were misreported as 'trust fund', and Mrs Mathieson went ballistic at the Australian for doing so, and clarified that she actually meant 'slush fund'.

If you would like to read any and all of this evidence, you can. It's all at

This is a long, long way from the Godwin Grech stupidity. This has lifted the lid on union corruption on a grand, national, impressive and profitable scale.

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