Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Ye Canna Change the Laws of Physics

What's really interesting for me is to watch and see just how much longer this Government can last.

The laws of physics don't seem to apply to politics. It seems that you really can pile up more and more garbage on a flimsy platform, and it can bear an infinite amount of weight. Or that you can push the lid down on a boiling saucepan of liquid, and it will just stay down.

Or will it? I watched some of Mrs Mathieson's antics this afternoon, and I saw someone who was rattled. Seriously rattled. Fighting-in-a-corner, starved-cat rattled.

Hasn't she done us proud, our first woman Prime Minister. Latched on to the union jugular early on in her career and never looked back, before knifing her way to the top job. Along the way she's shown us that all she really cares about is power. She has not a shred of policy to her name; no conviction, no principle, and no plans for the future apart from the next 24-hour media cycle.

And so she dips into the vocabulary of insult and slander to try to defend her appalling track record as Prime Minister. An inordinate amount of her time - and the time of her current henchperson-in-chief Nicola Roxon - seems to have been spent covering things up. These things involved both Gillard and her union chums from way back, or more recently the unfortunate and rather disorganised love life of P Slipper Esq.

Gillard has faithfully, each time, used the saucepan-lid principle:

- use any and all means to hold it down,
- when you can't hold it down any longer, let it ooze out the sides and make a mess on the stovetop,
- then blame Tony Abbott and call him a sexist for pointing out that you are probably the worst Prime Minister in this country's history.

Let's just keep watching, shall we?

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