Monday, 8 October 2012

Well, That Made Sense, Didn't It

Julia Gillard has just attacked Tony Abbott because he's called for Peter Slipper's resignation.

She has called him - in an outburst of startling unoriginality - a sexist and a misogynist.

So, let's do the math:

- The twice-married Peter Slipper repeatedly sexts a young and good-looking gay man who works for him
- Peter Slipper expresses in these sexts a marked dislike for lady bits
- Peter Slipper tells the court that he loves his wife (despite her having the same unpleasant lady bits)
- Peter Slipper is therefore Husband of the Year and an innocent victim of Liberal Party machinations.

- Tony Abbott shows no signs of being fazed by strong women, having been married to one for years
- Tony Abbott turns his back on Nicola Roxon in parliament
- Tony Abbott calls for the resignation of lady-bits-insulter and office masher Peter Slipper as Speaker of the House of Representatives
- Tony Abbott is a misogynist sexist pig.

- Julia Gillard was involved in the 1990s with a married union boss who has left her in the lurch to answer (or not answer) a series of awkward questions
- Julia Gillard set up what she later admitted was a 'slush fund' for her boyfriend
- Julia Gillard resigned under mysterious circumstances after an internal investigation of the above at Slater & Gordon
- Julia Gillard became Prime Minister by knifing the incumbent with the help of some union buddies
- Julia Gillard has appointed incompetent women to her Cabinet, including Nicola Roxon and Tanya Plibersek
- Julia Gillard is therefore Woman of the Year and an innocent victim of Liberal Party sexism and misogyny.

Yup. All adds up to me.

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