Thursday, 18 October 2012

Only $25 Million!

You know, I could give you a whole lot of stuff here about how much that $25 million we just blew on the UN Security Council could have purchased back at home in unglamorous Australia.

We could have frittered it away on things like effective drug addiction programs, mobile ear clinics for Indigenous communities, women's shelters, or scholarships for bright but disadvantaged kids to attend swanky private schools.

Or we could have filled a giant pinata in the shape of Senator Chris Evans' head with 250 ARC grants of $100,000 each and allowed random academics to beat it to pieces and then run off with a grant to research the importance of fatigue-testing cocktail umbrellas, the changing definition of the word 'misogyny' in contemporary Australia, the physics of the perfect golf shot, climate change in the works of [insert name of this year's literary luvvie], or really whatever takes their fancy.

Or, instead of bribing the Security Council, the Australian government could simply have given every voter in the country $2 to vote for them in the next election. This, and a promise of a bag of mixed lollies and a ride on their bike every now and then, might have worked wonders with some sectors of the voting public.

But really, the indefatigable Ainu Campbell-Barracks has said it all for me at Quadrant Online. So I don't need to say anything more. For now.

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