Sunday, 14 October 2012

FWA Charges Craig Thomson

And again, the day just gets better and better:

If found guilty, Thomson will face some whopping fines at the very least.

But if he's found guilty, then there's also the question of whether he misled Parliament during The Craig Thomson Hour.

Thomson is claiming that Fair Work Australia have been pressured into making this decision as part of a 'political process.' That would be much in the same way that James Ashby was pressured into claiming he'd been sexually harrassed by Peter Slipper, and the way Julia Gillard was young and naive when she signed all those rather grown-up looking documents for her married boyfriend and (in Gillard's own words) slush-fund operator.

The implication is quite clear from these infantile dummy-spitters: they believe that, if we didn't have a hung parliament, they would have been allowed to get away with anything they pretty much felt like. After all, that's the whole point of getting elected, isn't it? Snout A goes into Trough B, and stays there?

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