Saturday, 13 October 2012

Freedom of Speech and other Myths

We've had a nice week here in Perth.

* On Monday, Spectator Australia editor Tom Switzer spoke to a group of around 80 people upstairs at the Claremont Hotel (60 of whom were economics and commerce students, mostly from UWA) about the current US presidential election campaign. A rowdy and good time subsequently had by all, even CIS founder Greg Lindsay (not Greg Sheridan - this is what happens when I overdo the orange juice) and Hal Colebatch.

* On Wednesday, columnist and legal eagle Professor James Allan (over here for speaking engagements) made the acquaintance of Perth's best-kept secret, the Perth Mint.

* On Friday-Saturday, Murdoch University's Law School hosted a seminar on 'Threats to Freedom of Speech', featuring Allan, Chris Berg (keynote), Professor Augusto Zimmerman and others. Very impressive turnout - again predominantly under 40 years of age - and plenty of cut-and-thrust.

The Mannkal Economic Education Foundation has been very busy sponsoring these events! Here in the golden West we are (I think) generally more friendly towards wealth creation and big ideas, but it's still great to see so many people getting an intellectual breath of fresh air in these otherwise foetid times. (And what a nice change NOT to be talking about misogyny, dubious powers of attorney and sexting.)

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