Sunday, 9 September 2012

Yup. Totally Causes Cancer.

UPDATE: I'm not saying a thing ...

Just a quick update vis-a-vis the Lewandowsky furore:

1) I am a climate skeptic.

2) I believe smoking can indeed cause cancer. I am happy to accept that the links are proven, and that smoking has caused and continues to cause cancer in a great many other people.

It hasn't caused cancer in me yet, and it hasn't caused it in any of my blood relatives who smoked like utter choo-choos for decades, including my grandmothers, both of whom rolled their own. (Granny No 1 had to quit in her late 70s because she had dementia; Granny No 2 also quit in her 70s for reasons that escape me. Both died of non-cancerous illnesses.) So even with my total lack of first-hand experience of smoking causing cancer, I can accept the science.

Just to clarify a few other issues:

- Princess Diana's driver was drunk
- Neil Armstrong walked on the surface of the moon
- I don't know or particularly care who shot JFK, but I will concede that a large number of people had excellent motives to do so, starting with his wife.

More on Lewandowsky from Joanne Nova.

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