Thursday, 23 August 2012

Pot, Meet Kettle

Heard Ms Gillard's rant yesterday about the evil sexists who are persecuting her? Got a few moments to spare? You might enjoy: 

·        Reading the transcript of Gillard’s Slater & Gordon interrogation and discovering just what she thinks of certain ethnic minorities in this country;
·        Saying the words ‘Julie Bishop’ to yourself and thinking of what kind of media and satirical coverage she’s endured for years;
·        A reminder from May 2012 of what the ABC’s best and brightest think of successful women entrepreneurs in ths country;
·        Googling the terms ‘leftism misogyny’ and being pleasantly surprised by the huge number of results;
·        Something from Bolta in 2010 on the vile misogyny of the local Left.

More (shortly) at Quadrant Online.

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