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Quadrant QED posts, 2009

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Avatar reviewed
December 27, 2009
With these bald caricatures wearing black and white hats, it’s a good thing the film is lovely to look at, because otherwise it would stink to high heaven.

AFI AWARDS: The Nite of Nites
by Ainu Campbell-Barracks
December 14, 2009
The real surprise at the AFI Awards was that Cate wasn’t nominated for anything. I mean, this is Cate we’re talking about.

Don't ask, don't tell
December 7, 2009
Trouble is, I can’t write about this film without introducing spoilers, and this is a film which is best seen without knowing too much about it.

November 23, 2009
The nice thing about disaster movies is that you can show things that could never happen in real life, like having the US government take the heads of European nations seriously.

Prawn cocktail
October 26, 2009
The full complexity of modern South Africa – drugs, gangsterism, crime, black African superstition, white superiority, a desperate and corrupt military – is aired for public consumption, and a very unpleasant mess it is.

Red Shoes
October 19, 2009
The parts I enjoyed the most in Mao’s Last Dancer were the ballets. Vivid, lively, colourful, fast-moving, energetic and thoroughly entertaining, they were everything the rest of the movie wasn’t.

Nobel-esse Oblige
by Ainu Campbell-Barracks
October 12, 2009
Wow! Barack Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize! Gosh, I mean that one really came out of nowhere, didn’t it?

Charlie & Boots
September 27, 2009
This authenticity is a joy after the paralysing self-consciousness which usually affects Australian film. Refreshingly, this movie seems to be pitched at people who don’t live in expensive inner-city terrace housing and don’t actually care who edits The Monthly.

The Young (and the Restless) Victoria
September 21, 2009
Apparently Martin Scorsese had something to do with this film; I find that hard to believe. I do, however, find it very easy to believe that Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, had plenty to do with it.

14 things about Teddy
August 31, 2009
In retrospect, I don’t think many of Teddy’s really great achievements have been praised enough. It’s easy to remember minor achievements like driving his first wife to drink and Mary Jo Kopechne into a pond, and yet so many other things go unacknowledged. So here is a list of what I think are the defining achievements in his career.

Robbing Hoods
August 24, 2009
It’s intriguing that the movie industry can portray even closeted gays in the military as just as tough as, if not tougher and even more meritorious than, everyone else, but when it comes to Hoover, gays in the FBI are effeminate and rather cowardly snobs.

Colette at the movies
August 17, 2009
So I watched the gorgeous scenery (apparently France basked in perpetual summer for the last quarter of the nineteenth century), admired Lea’s real pearl necklace, wondered when Chéri was going to strangle her with it, and regretted that he didn’t.

Harry without magic
August 3, 2009
Julie Walters is winsome and heroic and red-haired; Helena Bonham Carter dresses up in corsets and does her by-now-patented mad girl routine (Hamlet, Fight Club, Sweeney Todd, etc etc etc). Michael Gambon was the cause of some serious sniggering with his faintly paedophilic visit to the young Voldemort’s ghastly orphanage.

Online newspapers
June 15, 2009
The project aims to digitise the vast newspaper archival resources in every state, and create a searchable database which will, for the first time, open up thousands of previously-forgotten news items to historical researchers.

Sex and the single footballer
May 25, 2009
When Australian Rules footballers invite a stripper to perform in the dressing room before a show, "it is absolutely, completely unacceptable and inappropriate and it sends all of the wrong messages.” Name the source of that quote -

Sex and the single girl
May 18, 2009
Feeling bad about oneself is the first sign of wrongdoing in present-day antipodean culture, and finding the culprit – who is invariably someone else – is the customary solution.

Fat chance
May 4, 2009
As I walked in, I was greeted with the sight of a rubber model of 15 kilos of fat and two pleasant ladies who appeared to be in charge. I was handed over to a man who was going to be my personal weight-loss consultant. He was a cheerful man.

Music without instruments
May 4, 2009
Kitchen sinks, polypipe, empty tin cans, bin lids, water, newspaper, brooms, dustpans, brushes, boxes of matches, hubcaps, and all the other detritus of any industrial workplace are transformed by STOMP09 into a symphony orchestra.

Eavesdropping on a cultural crisis
April 30, 2009
Mervyn Bendle is dead right when he writes about Asian students haplessly absorbing mega-jive about Australian history and culture.

The Boat that Sucked - Big time
April 17, 2009
The only thing I can recommend in this film is the clothes. The costume department excelled itself: Chris O’Dowd’s patchwork velvet wedding jacket is to die for; ditto Rhys Ilfans’ purple velvet sharp-fitting suit. The irritating lesbian wears some lovely crocheted waistcoats.

The Flea Market
April 13, 2009
At the Flea Market you will also discover that many middle-class Australians have no idea of fundamental economics, which could be why they are currently in debt up to their eyeballs. 

Whale songs
March 30, 2009
Members of parliament caught attending strip-joints in foreign cities can argue that magnetic field deviations caused them confusion.



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