Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Quadrant (magazine) Articles, 1996-2012

Reaping the Whirlwind
December 2012

[Featuring disappearing files, a traduced Catholic lawyer and an almost-castrated Italian Archbishop. Now free to all good and well-behaved readers!]

Taken for granted: funding arts and humanities research in Australia
October 2012

Imagine a world in which humanities and arts academics were given credit not for winning enormous grants, but for their ability to function without them. What if academic excellence was measured by who could produce the most for the lowest cost?

Fact, counterfactual, and fiction: some current dilemmas in history
January-February 2012

[Featuring an extract from my kiss-and-tell forthcoming historical novel Only For Sheep, a thrilling tale of love, lust and colonial expansion in the dusty plains of New South Wales. Quadrant subscriber access only.]

November 2011

[Featuring a chauffeur-driven historian, Florence Nightingale in a fugue state, and the perils of knowing things about people. Quadrant subscriber access only.]

March 2010 

Indigenous Australians, far from languishing in brute savagery under white domination, appear in the archives—and consequently in this book—as lively, irrepressible, audacious, ambitious, clever, eager, talented. 

June 2009

[Featuring the Rule of St Benedict, Geoffrey Blainey, and people who are obsessed with Germans. Quadrant subscriber access only.]

Dunlop and MacKillop
March 1996: 59-60

[Featuring me on the subject of sanctity, heroism and not fitting in. Not hinting or anything …]

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